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When Is To Much Salt To Much

How much sodium are we supposed to have in a day? According to the Mayo Clinic, you should consume less than 2,300 mg a day unless you are age 51 or older. Another consideration is if you have high blood pressure, you want to check with your doctor as to how much you should limit yourself to.

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Megazyme, Apricot Power

Apricot Power Super B-15 TMG is really popular among individuals who also supplement with B17 and megazyme forte. By taking one capsule, three times per day after meals this product will work towards optimum health. Apricot power is safe, non-toxic and water-soluble and will greatly boost your physical energy and stamina.

Natural Ways to Eat: Vegan, Vegetarian or Raw Foods

 photo 20cf91e0-a8f0-43d5-8d3f-152e1d922a32_zps3572ed4a.jpgEveryone has a different opinion as to how we should eat, meat, no meat, dairy, no dairy, plant-based, juicing-blending. There is so much research to be done in order to decide for ourselves how we want to proceed and even then, is it the right decision?

View the full article here: Yahoo Voices, Barbara Stull, Yahoo Contributor Network, March 26, 2014

Chicago Massage Classes

For those of you who live in the Chicago area and have an interest of becoming a licensed massage therapist, The New School Massage is a great place where you can get your chicago massage classes. They offer a state-approved diploma program where you will be provided with the coursework and hands-on experience that will enable you to pass the licensing exam. Once that is complete you will have entered into the massage therapy profession.

Snickerdoodle Muffin's Anyone?

Snickerdoodle Muffins............can you imagin? We all know how awesome the cookies are.


Don Allred Insurance

Free Insurance Quotes, why not take advantage of this offer and take advantage of lower rates today? At don allred insurance you can simply enter your zip code and the type of insurance you are looking for to see if there is an agent near you. Simple to follow as well as quick and easy, let them give you a quote on your insurance needs. high quality reading glasses

Raw Food Vegan Carrot Cake

This is a recipe by Fully Raw Kristina. She has several websites as well as a YouTube channel. I love watching her share her recipes, she is funny and full of life and energy to say the least. I so love Carrot Cake and I am sure this will be nothing short of amazing! You can check her out at

Ingredients for cake:

~4-6 cups of juiced carrot pulp (drink the juice!)
~3-4 dried raw mulberries
~1 cup of raw raisins
~Approx. 2 cups of pitted dates
~Ginger spice or a pinky of fresh ginger
~Slice of vanilla bean

Vanilla Icing Frosting!
~4-6 cups of soaked raw cashews
~4-6 cups of raw young coconut water
~1.5 cups of pitted dates
~1 cup of raw fresh, squeezed lemon juice
~Sprinkle of cinnamon
~Pinch of vanilla bean
~1 teaspoon of rose water (2 if desired)

DJ For Your Party and Special Occasions

The Carolinas, North and South where some of the most beautiful weddings and private parties happen. Parties mean a DJ and at Joe Bunn DJ Company you can trust that you are hiring the best! Check out this website for yourself and see what they have to offer. You can read about them and where they came from, the services they provide, their staff and tools you may need as well. You won't go wrong so be sure to check them out for your party needs.

Skinny Pumpkin Granola

Have you ever wanted to make your won granola? I have been looking into the idea and according to some of the websites I looked at it is easier than you might think it is. The beautiful thing about creating something like granola is that you can customize it to your personal taste and if you have been buying it in the store you will find that it is definitely cheaper to make your own.

Check out this recipe I found at Skinny Taste, I am giving this one a try this weekend. What I love to do with granola is add water to it and cook it up just like oatmeal, it taste great and you don't need to add any butter or sweeteners to it!

Burlington Health Insurance Quote

For those of you looking for a reliable, local provider of Blue Cross/Blue Shield you can get a burlington health insurance quote from a company that has been providing health insurance for N.C. since 1977. The Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage was started in 1983. Health insurance is your protection against the rising costs in the medical industry so check out a policy for yourself and your family and get with the best at NC Health Agency.

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