Mediterranean Dip Recipe

This Mediterranean  Dip Recipe is a fresh and healthy take on a classic appetizer. It will be a hit at your Super Bowl party!
Mediterranean Dip Recipe

This Mediterranean 7-Layer Dip recipe rights a wrong for me. I’ll admit it. It wasn’t love at first bite when I first dipped into the traditional southwestern 7-layer dip. The culprit was the refried beans. It probably didn’t help that my initiation into the world of refried beans was during my first (and ONLY!) late-night/beer-soaked trip to Taco Bell in college. I was lured in by the dulcet tones of that darn talking Chihuahua.

With Super Bowl Sunday coming up (and the need for healthy game day recipes), I wanted a dip that I could throw together in 15 minutes or less, and that would make me forget that ill-advised drive-thru adventure. So, why not replace the refried beans with hummus, the sour cream with nonfat Greek yogurt and make a shift to Mediterranean flavors? Take out the guacamole, salsa and Monterey jack, and layer in artichokes, roasted peppers (see How to Roast a Bell Pepper) and feta cheese in their place.

Of course, you can layer the ingredients any which way you please, or substitute in other ingredients, such as kalamata olives or sun-dried tomatoes. Serve the Mediterranean  Dip Recipe with raw vegetables, pita chips or lentil chips.

Don’t you dare tell your beer-swilling Super Bowl guests that this dip is healthy. They’ll never know the difference! You can find this and so many other wonderful recipes when you visit Cookin Canuck. I love to include recipes from as many sources as I can to share with you.

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