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About Me

Hey food lovers….. I’m Barbara, I  originally created Today’s Recipe Pro! back in 2008. After a 28 year marriage ended in divorce I was now a single stay home mother. I have two children, a son and a daughter who I am so proud of. I found myself creating a new life for myself, what ever that would turn out to be.hot chili pepper

In The Begginning
I created Today’s Recipe Pro! and loved how my website grew with each new post. I was totally excited at all there was to learn, to make it better and better. I was driven to one day be as great as some of my favorite websites that inspired me. Sadly after all my efforts, I lost everything because the program I was using  was no longer available. All of my posts…everything was gone! After some time away, I attempted to create it agan only to have the same thing happen…. again! (was it just me)?

The Journey Continues
I began a new journey selling a variety of products online, joined money making opportunities and spent almost two years following this path. Then one day about a month ago, the last thing I believed in also failed after a profitable couple months, a new investment of the profits, they shut down. I decided that I was tired of being let down, losing money and wanted nothing more to do with these things.

Finding Myself
This left me with nothing to do with my days since I don’t work outside my home. I was browsing the internet and came across a website that I fell in love with the “look” and decided to messaged its author. To my surprise, she was so very friendly, was generous with information about he website theme information. She told me that she managed her websites development herself and she inspired me. I was ready to begin again and create Today’s Recipe Pro! and it is here to stay!

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Meet Mary Ellen
She was so kind and offered to help me if I used the same theme  and had questions. She expressed how difficult it was and time consuming to figure it all out. She would be happy to do what she could to help me to get familiar and get it up and working. I could not believe what a wonderful person I came across after so many others were dismissive over the years. PLEASE stop by and visit her website, especially if you are Vegan, and see what she has to offer.


I would highly suggest bookmarking www.vnutritionandwellness.com so you can have it right there to access often for new posts and information. You can learn about Mary Ellen on her About Me page and see what she is about and up too! Thanks for everything Mary Ellen!

Meet the Family

Don’t Forget the Pets!


Our Get Aways

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